Watch: Ant Lavelle – Come Die With Me


Watch the Love/Hate records leaders' dark, stylish visuals in some familiar South London spots

South London rapper/LoveHate cult leader Ant Lavelle has been on our radar since we heard “Clowns” with fellow label leader Eliza Legzdina on vocals; from what we’ve heard so far it’s safe to conclude that he is a talented lyricist. We caught up with him to find out more about his latest release “Come Die with me” on which he stated:

“The song is basically about being held in some kind of purgatory – I’ve worked in bars for years, I perform in venues/clubs and spend days off in boozers so I’m always around these dark, alcohol filled spaces. The video shows the different sides to that story, how those parts of myself interact and how it’s ultimately a self-destructive circle of art, work and intoxication. The song is basically inviting a girl on that journey, like maybe it’s something we need to complete together. The ‘death’ here isn’t literally a physical death (though it could be if we stay on the destructive route) – it’s more a death of the self, death of negative patterns and breaking the cycle.”

You can really feel this darkness manifest itself in the clever wordplay:

“Been ever dancing in the dark arts, glancing through the past and raise a glass to all the hard parts, she afraid to ask if it’s a mask, you play the pastor baby, pardon my disasters…”

It’s poetry out here.

Check it out below:

If you wanna hear more Ant is currently putting the final touches on an EP with London-based producer Ghilburt, a 4-track lofi hip-hop project called ‘Honey Never Rots’ – there’ll be some visuals out soon and the EP should drop mid to late March.

Don’t sleep. Check out LoveHate’s page here: